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Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins (2019) [320 KBPS]

Download torrent: Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins (2019) [320 KBPS] Magnet link Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins (2019) [320 KBPS] Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins (2019) [320 KBPS] | if not working, try instead: Magnet Link
Info hash: C0596F2F04E0B5E0B3F4B7988328799F6BA7065A
Category: Categories > Music torrents > MP3 torrents
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 seeds: 156 ,  leechers: 50
Torrent language: English
Total Size: 103.5 MB
Torrent added: 2019-06-08 11:06

Download Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins (2019) [320 KBPS] torrent if not working, try downloading torrent using Download Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins (2019) [320 KBPS] via Magnet Link

Torrent Description

Artist: Jonas Brothers
Title: Happiness Begins
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Republic
Genre: Pop Rock
Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps
Total Time: 43:45
Total Size: 103 MB

01. Sucker 03:01
02. Cool 02:47
03. Only Human 03:03
04. I Believe 03:37
05. Used To Be 03:05
06. Every Single Time 03:32
07. Don't Throw it Away 02:52
08. Love Her 03:13
09. Happy When I'm Sad 02:38
10. Trust 03:00
11. Strangers 03:53
12. Hesitate 03:28
13. Rollercoaster 03:01
14. Comeback 02:35

Everyone's talking and tweeting about the Jonas Brothers' comeback album Happiness Begins, including the JoBros themselves.

The pop trio's first studio album in a decade arrived at midnight, and social media lit up as fans logged into their digital music players.

The bros Joe, Kevin and Nick were as emotional as anyone, as they turned to Twitter to share their excitement. "This was ten years ago almost to the day, and today my brothers and I have released our new album #happinessbegins thank you to everyone who stood by us every step of the way. We love you. This is for you," Nick tweeted.

Kevin and Nick even shared some baby-faced throwback video because, well, why not.

Happiness Begins features the Billboard Hot 100 leader "Sucker", its top-5 followup "Cool," and its been trending through the night. Judging by the flood of memes and comments, you'd think the JoBros had saved 2019.~.billboard.com

Download Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins (2019) [320 KBPS] torrent

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