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Madonna – Madame X (Deluxe) (2019) [320 KBPS]

Download torrent: Madonna – Madame X (Deluxe) (2019) [320 KBPS] Magnet link Madonna – Madame X (Deluxe) (2019) [320 KBPS] Madonna – Madame X (Deluxe) (2019) [320 KBPS] | if not working, try instead: Magnet Link
Info hash: 275FE1979C913F4F605406E45D1DF57811EA44CE
Category: Categories > Music torrents > MP3 torrents
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 seeds: 78 ,  leechers: 7
Torrent language: English
Total Size: 146.7 MB
Torrent added: 2019-06-12 11:05

Download Madonna – Madame X (Deluxe) (2019) [320 KBPS] torrent if not working, try downloading torrent using Download Madonna – Madame X (Deluxe) (2019) [320 KBPS] via Magnet Link

Torrent Description

Artist: Madonna
Title: Madame X (Deluxe)
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Interscope Records
Genre: Pop
Quality: Mp3 320 kbps
Total Time: 1:04:32
Total Size: 146 MB

1. Medellín (Feat. Maluma) (04:58)
2. Dark Ballet (04:14)
3. God Control (06:19)
4. Future (feat. Quavo) (03:53)
5. Batuka (04:57)
6. Killers Who Are Partying (05:28)
7. Crave (feat. Swae Lee) (03:21)
8. Crazy (04:02)
9. Come Alive (04:02)
10. Occident (03:41)
11. Gostoso (feat. Anitta) (04:05)
12. I’m Loca (feat. Maluma) (02:50)
13. I Don’t Search I Find (04:08)
14. Looking for Mercy (04:50)
15. I Rise (03:44)

Download Madonna – Madame X (Deluxe) (2019) [320 KBPS] torrent

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