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Download torrent: This.is.Opera.2015.TVRip.576p-COMPLETE Magnet link This.is.Opera.2015.TVRip.576p-COMPLETE This.is.Opera.2015.TVRip.576p-COMPLETE | if not working, try instead: Magnet Link
Info hash: D9291FBED81137AA3031F0657D9C4315B1504A50
Category: Categories > Documentaries torrents > Documentary torrents
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Torrent language: Spanish
Total Size: 19 GB
Torrent added: 2019-10-03 11:04

Download This.is.Opera.2015.TVRip.576p-COMPLETE torrent if not working, try downloading torrent using Download This.is.Opera.2015.TVRip.576p-COMPLETE via Magnet Link

Torrent Description

This is Opera - 2015

This is Opera is a Spanish television documentary series created and directed by Ramon Gener. The show explores opera in unconventional ways to try to attract not just existing opera fans, but also those less familiar with the art form. The host guides the viewer to the places of origin of each opera, and explores the culture, history—and modern and current trends and how they apply to opera. There are a total of 30 episodes plus an extra "Abecedario" containing some of the best parts of the entire series.

For more information:

Release: This.is.Opera.2015.TVRip.576p-COMPLETE
Audio: Spanish
Subtitles: Yes/Spanish/Soft

Season 1:
This.is.Opera.1x01.Carmen.TVRip.576p (1,15 GB)
This.is.Opera.1x02.Turandot.TVRip.576p (1,09 GB)
This.is.Opera.1x03.El.Barbero.de.Sevilla.TVRip.576p (940 MB)
This.is.Opera.1x04.La.Bohème.TVRip.576p (493 MB)
This.is.Opera.1x05.Parsifal.TVRip.576p (465 MB)
This.is.Opera.1x06.Pélleas.et.Melisande.TVRip.576p (531 MB)
This.is.Opera.1x07.Bel.Canto.TVRip.576p (567 MB)
This.is.Opera.1x08.El.Anillo.del.Nibelungo.TVRip.576p (615 MB)
This.is.Opera.1x09.Tosca.TVRip.576p (770 MB)
This.is.Opera.1x10.La.Traviata.TVRip.576p (856 MB)
This.is.Opera.1x11.Tristan.e.Isolda.TVRip.576p (846 MB)
This.is.Opera.1x12.Don.Giovanni.TVRip.576p (556 MB)
This.is.Opera.1x13.Rigoletto.TVRip.576p (652 MB)
This.is.Opera.1x14.Manon.TVRip.576p (687 MB)
This.is.Opera.1x15.El.Cazador.Furtivo.TVRip.576p (477 MB)

Season 2:
This.is.Opera.2x01.Pagliacci.TVRip.576p (548 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x02.Eugene.Onegin.TVRip.576p (543 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x03.Fidelio.TVRip.576p (531 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x04.El.Rey.de.la.Opera.en.Londres.TVRip.576p (560 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x05.Così.fan.tutte.TVRip.576p (543 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x06.Salomé.TVRip.576p (564 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x07.Nabucco.TVRip.576p (574 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x08.El.Caballero.de.la.Rosa.TVRip.576p (576 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x09.La.Flauta.Magica.TVRip.576p (540 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x10.Vivaldi.y.Venecia.TVRip.576p (524 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x11.Lulú.TVRip.576p (564 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x12.Madama.Butterfly.TVRip.576p (555 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x13.Rusalka.TVRip.576p (547 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x14.El.Nacimiento.de.la.Opera.TVRip.576p (555 MB)
This.is.Opera.2x15.La.Opera.es.la.Vida.TVRip.576p (606 MB)

This.is.Opera.Extra.El.Abecedario.TVRip.540p (382 MB)

Information on the video and subtitle files: I downloaded all videos from eMule. There were multiple files for each episode, so I downloaded them all and kept only the best quality versions, that is why the video codec and format varies between XviD/Avi and H264/MP4 in the videos. As for the subtitles, I downloaded them from the TVE website, converted them to ANSI, cleaned all the codes and tags and adjusted the sync - to the best of my current capacity - to the files I used. I hope you enjoy!

Download This.is.Opera.2015.TVRip.576p-COMPLETE torrent

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